These FAQs should help you to properly prepare your rebate for submission and/or answer common questions.

How do I submit a claim for my rebate?
  1. Complete the online submission form. Your rebate will be mailed to the address you provide in the Customer Information Section.
  2. Upload a copy of your receipt and a copy of your rebate form showing the pet information.
  3. Review the information provided and ensure it is accurate.
  4. You will be directed to the Thank You page and provided with a tracking number. Keep this number for your records.
I purchased more than one of the qualifying products. Can I submit a claim for a rebate on multiple products?

Many rebates have a limit on the number of submissions that can be submitted on a single purchase. To find out the specific rules for the promotion you are submitting, please review the rebate details on your rebate form.

I do not have a copy of my proof of purchase, receipt, or other required documentation. Can I still submit for this promotion?

Most veterinary clinics can reprint a receipt for you, especially if you paid with a credit card and know the exact date of your purchase.

How do I add files or upload additional items to my submission?
  1. Select 'Images'. A pop-up window will open.
  2. Locate the image you want to submit from your computer files or take photo from mobile device. Select 'Upload'.
  3. Your files will appear on the submission page.
  4. If you need to provide additional images, select 'Images'. You may add up to four files.
  5. Once complete, select 'Upload' and your files will begin uploading.
  6. Wait until the upload is completed before proceeding.
My additional files/images did not successfully upload.

Confirm that the files are in the correct format (JPG, GIF & PNG). If you have problems uploading an image, the file may have exceeded the size limit of 5 MB per image.

How many files/images can I add to my submission?

A maximum of four files can be added to each submission.

How long will it take for my submission to be processed?

The submission process takes 6-8 weeks unless otherwise specified in the promotion Offer Terms and Conditions.

What is a tracking number and why do I need it?

A tracking number is a unique code assigned to your submission. Knowing your tracking number will allow you to track your submission online. It will also help customer service representatives locate your submission should you need any assistance.

How will I receive my rebate?

Your rebate will be mailed to the address provided in the Customer Information section of the submission process.

Why is my submission invalid?

The information provided during the submission process did not meet the requirements of the promotion. Review the promotion Offer Terms and Conditions. If you believe your submission is invalid in error, visit the Contact Us page to contact a customer service representative.

Why have I not received my rebate yet?

Visit Track a Submission to determine if your submission is valid.
If it has been more than 30 days since you submitted your claim, visit the Contact Us page to contact a customer service representative.

I’ve lost my tracking number. How do I retrieve it?

If you are unable to locate your tracking number, visit the Contact Us page to contact a customer service representative.

Why can I not submit for a promotion?

The promotion may have ended or the limits exceeded. Please review the Offer Terms and Conditions for promotion details.

I am having difficulties using the website.

Please visit the Contact Us page to contact a customer service representative.

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